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Memory Maker

What is the order of the seven colours of a rainbow?

Have you learned the names of the months of the year in order?

Can you list the continents and oceans of the world?

What are the 26 words in the Phonetic Alphabet?

Do you know all 50 of the countries and states in Europe?


Improving your memory and learning lists of facts

There are lots of ways to train yourself to remember facts. It can be great fun learning facts with friends and family members.

Grown ups:

The four 'Memory Maker Hints and Tips' documents below give you many different strategies for learning and practising facts so that they are eventually stored in your child's Long Term Memory. 

Try out some strategies with your child on the Learning Lists in the documents section below.

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Learning Lists

This page contains some lists of useful General Knowledge you might like to try to learn using some of the ‘Memory Tips and Hints’ in our Memory Maker section.


The words are mostly typed simply in black Calibri Size 20 font here, as part of your memorising strategies may be to link different fonts, colours, sizes or images to parts of words or lists.


We have included progressively longer and less well-known facts in our lists so that there is something for everyone, either individually or with other members of your family and friends. You could also challenge yourself to learn longer and harder lists as you build your memorisation skills over time.


We will add further lists in the future, so watch this space!

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