Spratton CE Primary School

'Living and learning together, celebrating life in all its fullness'

Class 1


We enjoyed having lots of fun races for a Year 1 mini sports day. Everyone was a winner.


The Reception children enjoyed a fun afternoon of races on the school field, bringing to an end a lovely few weeks together.

The children enjoyed a well deserved rest and an ice lolly!

The Reception children met their new teacher, Mrs Rock. They all enjoyed listening to the story, 'Peace at Last', written by Jill Murphy.


The children enjoyed hunting for natural objects on the school field and then using these to create repeating patterns.


During our Forest School session today, we all collected different sticks from the school field and worked together to compare the length of the sticks. We used the language: 'shortest', 'longest', 'shorter than' and  'longer than.'

We then used non-standard units to measure and compare the length of the sticks. We used pine cones and then leaves.


This week we have made creatures that we might find in the forest using clay. We then wrote about our creature remembering to give it a name and described what it likes to do. 


Super work, Eve! You have created a lovely and colourful menu. I think the Fudge Chunks will be very tasty!


The Reception children had a lovely day learning, exploring and playing together. Following Worship, we spent a while collecting twigs and seeds from the school field, which we then used to model and create hedgehogs using clay. 

The children enjoyed creating their own hedgehogs and were very proud of their models!

After making the hedgehogs the children all tried very hard to write about their own creation! The children produced some super writing! (Click on the picture to make it larger) 

During our Forest School session the Reception children enjoyed collecting leaves and twigs and using these to make 2D shapes. Which 2D shapes can you name? (Click on the image to make it larger)


The Reception children enjoyed collecting leaves of different shades of brown and yellow from our school field in order to create a squirrel collage. The children used colouring pencils to colour the body in shades of brown and grey and arranged the leaves in the style of a mosaic to create the tail.

Our super squirrels! Mrs Hunt and Miss Ross were very impressed with our cutting skills and with how well we used all of the space on the tail to create the mosaic!


Storytime with Mrs Peploe

Sailor Ted Part 1 

Sailor Ted Part 2

Sailor Ted Part 3


We collected various items in the trees and the field today. We then made a stick person of someone who is our friend.



The children listened to the story 'What colour is love?' They then made hearts and bunting.


You have been working very hard to learn your spellings! Well done, Holly!


What a lovely invitation from Mr Gumpy! I'm sure Rabbit would love to come on the boat trip! Super work, Holly!


Great map work skills, Holly! Well done! 



As part of our Forest School session today, the Reception children collected leaves, petals and feathers from our lovely school grounds. Back in the classroom they used these to create beautiful Forest Crowns.

The beautiful Forest Crowns!


The Reception children enjoyed collecting leaves, petals and twigs from the field and playground and using these to create their own Nature Wheels.

The Nature Wheels!


Storytime with Mrs Peploe

Oliver's Fruit Salad Part 1

Oliver's Fruit Salad Part 2


Great grape poetry, so good to read!

Great Grape work and a brilliant boat, well done, Holly!



The Reception children created lovely leaves using clay. (Click on the picture to make it larger)

They had a lovely day learning and playing together.


Storytime with Mrs Hunt

Henry's Holiday


Who's that banging on the ceiling?


Inspired by their Forest School activities, Year 1 created beautiful leaves using clay.


They also created luxurious (and very reasonably priced) Bug Hotels!


The children have been learning about time and have drawn some brilliant clocks!





A happy day learning and playing together in Reception. 


The Reception children had great fun creating a face during our Forest School session.


The Reception children had lots of fun playing different games on the field in the sunshine!

Holly has been busy drawing and writing. Well done, Holly!

Mr Jelly Part 1

Mr Jelly Part 2


It was great to see Year 1 children learning and having fun in school today!




Fantastic artwork by Class 1



It's an absolute joy to see Reception Group reading, writing, playing and being creative!

Story: Nat Fantastic Part 2

Story: Nat Fantastic Part 1

Some Messages from Mrs Peploe

Mr Tickle Part 1

Mr Tickle Part 2

Sharing Letters from Class 1

Storytime with Mrs Peploe

Storytime with Mrs Hunt Parts 1 and 2