Spratton CE Primary School

'Living and learning together, celebrating life in all its fullness'

EYFS Class


The children all enjoyed creating their very own Humpty Dumpty. Each Humpty Dumpty really is fantastic! 

Thank you very much for helping your child to create a wooden spoon puppet at home. The puppets are all very different and each one is lovely. The children have been enjoying playing with the puppets in our puppet theatre.


This week we have been learning some new nursery rhymes. We have learnt Wind the Bobbin Up, Wind the Glue Stick Down, Hickory Dickory Dock, Incy Wincy Spider and The Baby in the Cradle.


The children stood quietly, to show their respect during a two minute silence on Remembrance Day.


During our PSHCE lessons this term, the children have been introduced to a character in a story book named Boris the Robot. When listening to the story the children discovered that Boris is a friendly robot, created by two young children using bits and bobs found at an old scrapyard. Throughout the year, the children will learn more about Boris and the characters in the story, as we use Boris' experiences to help the children develop their own emotional well being. The children enjoyed working together to create their very own Boris the Robot. 

The children enjoyed playing a game together, to help them develop the skills to play co-operatively and take turns. 


Since starting school in September, the children have enjoyed sharing their lovely scrapbooks with each other, which they created at home during the summer. The children often choose to look at and talk about their scrapbooks with a friend or two. As their teacher it is lovely to listen to and join in with their conversations, while they ask each other questions and chat happily about their lives outside school. Thank you very much for creating the scrapbooks. They really are great!


The children enjoyed learning about how to cross the road safely during our PSHCE lesson. They all had much fun role playing this, remembering to always stop, look, listen and think. 


On a warm and sunny Tuesday afternoon, the children discovered a rucksack and picnic blanket hidden in the woodland area, on our school field. The children couldn't wait to open up the rucksack and look inside! Back in the classroom, the children eagerly opened the rucksack and discovered many interesting items, including: a map, binoculars, a compass, cosy mittens, a flask and a lunchbox containing currants, grapes and cheese. The children explored the contents of the bag enthusiastically and chatted excitedly about the objects. When sharing their thoughts about who might own the rucksack the children had lovely ideas, which included an explorer, a little child and even a mouse! The discovery of this rucksack has been a great introduction to our topic, Journeys!


This week we started our daily Phonics lessons. The children all enjoyed joining in with the lessons and practising the letters and sounds taught, in a variety of activities throughout the week. During the week, the children have learnt to recognise the letters  s, a, t, p and to recall and say the sound (phoneme) created by each of these individual letters. 

We had lots of fun creating the letters using natural objects and then saying the sound made by each letter.

What sounds do the letters below make?

The children enjoyed working together to form the letters. 

Remember to learn the sounds (phonemes) created by the letters in your wallets!


The children enjoyed visiting our whole school 'Story Circle' on the field and listening to and joining in with a class story. 

Throughout the week, the children have had a happy time exploring, learning and playing co-operatively.

Developing fine motor skills and control in the Writing Area.

Imaginative play in the Small World Area.

Imaginative and creative play in the Sand Area.

Listening attentively to a story, whilst developing the skills to use the CD player independently. 

Fun in the Water Area, whilst developing the skills to use everyday language related to capacity.


The children all settled very well and had a lovely time exploring, learning and playing together, during their first few days at school.