Spratton CE Primary School

'Living and learning together, celebrating life in all its fullness'


An A to Z of Spratton Staff



Mrs Hunt loves her whole family, her friends and her home. She also loves cups of tea and long chats, and sunny days out with family and friends. During the school holidays, she loves to visit warm, sunny places! Her favourite holiday destinations are the beautiful beaches of Portugal and Sydney Australia, along with Cornwall and Norfolk. She enjoys going on bike rides and baking with her children, gardening in the sunshine, shopping with her friends and walking. She’s completed the Moon walk for charity a few times with her great friend, chatting from start to finish!


Mrs Isherwood (the one with the red hair) loves spending time with her family and going out for long walks exploring the fields near where she lives or cycling round Pitsford. She has 3 cats, 2 chickens and 4 fish but would love to have more animals like goats and pigs! Mrs Isherwood enjoys crocheting and tapestry but it takes a long time to finish anything. When the weather is lovely she loves to be out in the garden, but on a cold evening there is nothing better than hot chocolate and PJ’s!


Mrs Lett is the Office Administrator at Spratton Primary.   In her free time, she likes to take long walks with her dog, go swimming and spend time at the gym. It is always good to try new things, so she is also learning to play golf.   She loves to spend time with her family and has enjoyed some great holidays.  Her scariest moment was on safari when an elephant came to visit their camp in the middle of the night! Her favourite colour is red and she loves to eat chocolate and mango, but not together.


Mrs Miller lives with her 3 growing up fast teenagers, the hubby, black cat Olaf (who definitely gets the most fuss) and her daughter’s two fish - Colin and Quinford! When  not at school you’ll usually find her driving in and out of the village being ‘mum’s taxi’, on the sidelines of a football pitch watching the youngest son or at home dressed in her favourite attire- PJ’s with a mug of tea! She like to read and her secret hobby is cross-stitch. Her pet hate is having her feet tickled - those that try, do at their own risk! Her quirky habit is her pillow goes everywhere she goes. Her favourite place is wherever her family is, and they love to escape to the seaside as a family (especially to Cornwall)  and of course with her pillow!


Miss O’Mara is a slightly crazy cat lady who has never met a cake she didn’t like and loves singing loudly. She also loves her family, the seaside, cups of tea, shoes, maps, having a good boogie at parties, treasure hunts and fluffy pyjamas. Her favourite colour is blue as that is the colour of The Toffees, the best football team in the world (obviously). Her other hobbies include travelling to different countries, reading unusual books, riding on motorbikes and horses, crocheting and making clothes. The scariest thing she has ever done is Zorbing (which she will never ever do again. Ever.) and one of her greatest achievements is abseiling down a 250ft tower to raise money for charity.


Mrs. Peploe is a fairly quiet, calm person who enjoys having a good laugh with her friends and crazy family. She loves spending time with her family and visiting her relatives, drinking tea, visiting new places, eating chocolate, cake and ice-cream. Her favourite colours are pink, blue and purple like the Cadbury’s bars of chocolate. Even her cat, Cadbury is named after the chocolate. Her hobbies include crocheting, knitting, cross stitch, making cards and baking. One of the scariest things she has ever done is abseiling off a bridge. One of her claims to fame is being the first carer in the community in Northamptonshire.


Mr Pool is Spratton’s finest male primary school teacher and youngest member of staff. He can often be found singing (out of tune) songs from Prayer and Praise around the school. He is a massive fan of ‘Fact of the Day’, and particularly enjoys animal facts. Mr Pool is a huge Northampton Saints fan and season ticket holder and plays amateur cricket for Hardingstone Cricket Club. In his spare time he enjoys reading historical fiction, painting water colours, socialising and watching any sport going! His favourite thing to say to Class 3 is ‘Morning lovely children…sorry wrong class’ much to the amusement of the children. He is famously afraid of heights but managed the zip line on residential. He also loves travelling and lived in Japan for 18 months.  His life ambition is to get a Manx cat (one without a tail).


Mrs Rock lives in a house of chaos with two children, two dogs and a husband! She loves spending time with her family, going on holiday and sitting in her pyjamas whilst watching a box set on Netflix or tucking into a tasty afternoon tea with her friends! She is a secret hoarder and has a cupboard full of handbags and shoes which she hides from her husband! Her favourite colour is purple (although it is the colour she seems to wear the least!) In her spare time, she loves to read, bake cakes and delicious treats and exercise in her living room! As well as exercising at home, her two dogs are also keen to take her out on daily walks. A thrill seeker she is not-Mrs Rock has a massive fear of heights, roller-coasters and anything that spins round in circles! Mrs Rock is a huge soap fan and had an amazing experience last year of visiting the Emmerdale Village and studio. A visit to the cobbles in now next on her list!


Miss Ross giggles her way through life, always smiling and trying to make others smile too. And if that fails, she has a disco in the kitchen because she LOVES music! Her favourite place is the seaside, where she goes rock pooling, surfing and eats fish and chips whilst watching the waves get closer. She has two cats called Billy and Ruby, a dog called Buster and a hamster called Perri. They are all slightly nuts, especially Buster who would run after a tennis ball and jump in ponds all day given half a chance. When she is not at school she loves to cook, knit, grow vegetables, support Northampton Saints and Tottenham Hotspurs. The best thing she has ever done is sit amongst a herd of wild elephants in South Africa!



Harry Potter, cheese and rollercoasters are just a few of the things Mrs Smith enjoys…..but not all at once! Being a mum of three boys (Alfie, Frank & Stan) she loves nothing more than spending time with them, going to the cinema, playing in their garden and days out. Her main passion is being creative. She loves painting, drawing and Origami (Japanese paper folding). Her favourite loves are Peter Rabbit, Wallace & Gromit and Disney. She has a huge Disney movie collection with the Little Mermaid being the one she watches the most. Dancing, long walks and watching bands make her smile. Her favoured location is Coney Island. Can you guess where that is? Her guilty pleasures include Elvis, Leeds United and Indian Food. Perfect combination!




Unusual Facts!

Each one of these unusual facts describes one of our members of staff.



I was named after Nurse Lawton, a character from the 1960’s hospital drama “Dr. Kildare”


Mrs Pallot

I played Netball for England.


 Mrs Lett

Whilst in Reception class I played the part of a 'spinning top' in a school play - I 'spun' too much and fell off the stage!!


 Mrs Ainsworth 

I started school in a different country


 Mrs Rock

I once had dinner with Everton Manager Howard Kendall.


 Miss O'Mara 

I auditioned and was accepted by the Royal Ballet School when I was 10. I decided not to take up the offer, moving away from my parents and brother was just too scary!


 Miss Ross

I once raised £3000 for charity by hitchhiking from Swansea, Wales to Marrakesh, Morocco. It took 4 days and I travelled well over 2000 miles.


 Mr Pool

I was born in Derbyshire.


 Mrs Peploe

I have 4 fish, 3 cats and 2 chickens.


 Mrs Isherwood

I once knitted an Enchanted Castle


 Mrs Randall

I once spent an evening with Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet


 Mrs Hunt