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'Living and learning together, celebrating life in all its fullness' John 10:10

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Spratton School History Project


Spratton CE Primary School 1819- 2022

School History Community Project 


Spratton School History Launch Event June 2022


Living and learning together, celebrating life in all its fullness’ John 10:10

Here at Spratton CE Primary School, we believe in making great memories for our children and school community.

The vision for this event was to celebrate the 203 year history of education on this site and welcome members of our whole school community to share in this with us. We wanted to inspire our children’s learning, engage them in real historical research and encourage them to be ambitious in what they aim to achieve. We also wanted to provide the school with an archive of historical documents and artefacts, which, in themselves, provide a legacy for future generations of the school, and an event which becomes part of the school’s future history.

Throughout the week, we have opened our school museum to the over 200 members of our school community and the children have been fantastic and informative tour guides. The museum experience included a yarn bombing, art gallery, school documentary screening, maypole dancing, and souvenir shop and community art project. 

The launch event was officially opened by Professor Lord Robert Winston, who thoroughly enjoyed his museum visit, met all of our children and staff and unveiled a plaque to commemorate the event. Lord Winston also answered children’s questions and encourage our children to aspire to achieve whatever they set their mind to and to work hard to reach their own personal goals. He reminded us that we are all learning, every day, and that children provide hope for progress as the future generations of our society.

We are so incredibly proud of our children and our school community for helping us to make great memories and provide a historical legacy for the future of Spratton CE Primary School.


Professor Lord Robert Winston unveils a commemorative plaque

The school celebrated 203 years of education on the site



The children revived the tradition of maypole dancing   


The whole school sang to Professor Lord Winston and invited guests


Professor Lord Robert Winston and Headteacher Miss Lynne O’Mara  


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Spratton School Pop-Up Museum June 2022


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Spratton’s School History Event

We invite Parents/Carers and families of children in our school to ‘Save the Date’ of  Wednesday 22nd  June 2022 5-7pm for a special community celebration of 203 years of schooling on our site!

Following our local history study, focusing on the rich history of our school, we will be inviting you to visit our school event and library relaunch, with other exciting child-led activities including:

  • a ‘pop-up’ school museum with historical photographs and authentic memorabilia, and children’s work and journals
  • art gallery and exhibits
  • maypole dancing
  • film show
  • souvenir shop
  • yarn bombing
  • site history trail and guide


Further details to follow.

We look forward to welcoming you to our museum!





Maypole Dancing

Preparations have started for the children and staff to learn traditional maypole dancing techniques in readiness for our School History Event in June. With the help of a Pacesetters Coach, Claire, children in Years 4 and 5 have been learning starting to learn some moves!


Break the Rules Day

The Parents and Carers, who are responsible for the schoolchildren attending Spratton Primary School on Friday 1st April 1872/2022, failed to ensure that their children adhered to the strict rules and standards in our school that all children are expected to meet without exception. These rules are in place to ensure that the children are immaculately presented, mostly not seen and little heard, and that lessons are conducted in silence with total compliance. Serious consequences await any individuals who fall foul of these directives, as we seek to ensure the fine moral upstanding of our pupils. As a result of the fine of the sum of ten shillings (fifty English pence) per rule broken, which was imposed on the first  day of April this year for any child breaking any of these rules, the sum of £142 will be donated to the School History Event fund to support activities for the children in June of this year.

 We also hope that children have learned a few character-building lessons from this valuable experience.  Miss Lynne O’Mara 

21.3.22/ 28.3.22 - Visit to the Northampton Records Office 

As an introduction to our School history project planned for next term LKS2 visited the Northampton Records Office. The children learned about what it means to be 'Time Detectives' delving into the archives and discovering some of the history logs and registers from our school in 1819. The archivist took a lot of time to explain to the children and show them why it is important to save and protect documents and artifacts, how they are stored and clues that we can look for when we are thinking about the chronological age and sequence. The children thought about how people in the past communicated with each other looking at evidence dating back to King Henry VIII. They found clues in photographs, articles, posters, journal entries, census returns and registers, and used what they had found out to
learn about chronological sequences and order items into a timeline. The strong room visit was an exciting (and very cold) experience and all children had the opportunity to move a huge ‘stack’ of records!