Spratton CE Primary School

'Living and learning together, celebrating life in all its fullness' John 10:10

Spratton CE Primary School

Our Faith and Values


Our Vision

'Living and learning together, celebrating life in all its fullness.' John 10:10


Spratton School Prayer 

This is our school.

Let peace dwell here.

Let the rooms be full of contentment.

Let love abide here, love of one another, love of mankind, love of life itself, and love of God.

Let us remember that as many hands build a house, so many hearts make a school.


Our Mission

Working together for each child to realise their God-given potential to flourish.

Nurturing our children to develop wisdom, skills and knowledge, aspiring to their full potential, growing in courage, confidence and creativity - thriving within a secure and caring community. An inclusive school that serves its local community, working in partnership with parents and our local churches – living out our Christian values and showing care and respect to everyone and to our environment.


Our Faith and Values 

Our aim is for all of us to be the best that we can possibly be! For children, this means that the adults in the school will strive to support every individual to attain the very best in terms of educational, personal, spiritual and social development. We want children to enjoy school, the feel inspired to learn, to feel safe and to take a full part in the life of the school community. We prepare children for the next stage of their learning and life by teaching our children Christian values.

These values are reviewed regularly and parents as well as children have an opportunity to help in deciding which values are the most important in our school. Christian values underpin our school ethos. We promote each value in turn; this provides a focus and opportunity to go deeper into learning about each value. We celebrate learning in all areas and children collect golden pebbles in a jar throughout the school year when they independently demonstrate our values in their thoughts and actions. When the jar is full a whole school reward is selected by the children. Our values are:








Truthfulness and Trust

Respect and Responsibility


“Therefore as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly beloved,
clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility,
gentleness and patience…And over all these virtues put on
love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”
(Colossians 3. 12, 14)


Valuing All God's Children (Second Edition Updated Summer 2019) Church of England Office

We explicitly teach Christian Values at Spratton CE Primary and also make links to Faith and Values in the context of Modern Britain in order to prepare our children for everyday life in our country. Please refer to our "British Values Statement" for more details about how we teach and develop these values.


Vision for education

Our vision for education is deeply Christian, with Jesus' promise of 'life in all its fullness' at its heart.

In line with the Church of England's role as the established Church, our vision is for the common good of the whole community.

Educating for wisdom, knowledge and skills: enabling discipline, confidence and delight in seeking wisdom and knowledge, and developing talents in all areas of life.

Educating for hope and aspiration: enabling healing, repair and renewal, coping wisely when things go wrong, opening horizons and guiding people into ways of fulfilling them.

Educating for community and living well together: a core focus on relationships, participation in communities and the qualities of character that enable people to flourish together.

Educating for dignity and respect: the basic principle of respect for the value and preciousness of each person, treating each person as a unique individual of inherent worth.



Character education seeks to develop and celebrate the flourishing of individuals, communities, families and societies, through the cultivation and encouragement of an expansive range of moral, spiritual, intellectual, civic and performance character virtues.

It is central to a Christian vision for education for ‘life in all its fullness’ and is concerned with developing
virtues seeing them as ‘character in action’, grown through experience and demonstrated over time in word and deed.

Character education equips young people to grow in wisdom, hope, community and dignity and is shaped by an understanding of God at work in the world, present and active in shaping each individual’s
developmental story. It is fundamental to the pursuit of academic excellence, and stands at the heart of all aspirational teaching, learning and pastoral care.

Effective character education impacts young people as friends, neighbours, parents, team members and employees, benefitting both the individuals themselves, their wider communities and broader society.


Embracing this vision requires commitment and integrity, but will be rewarded by young people who do indeed have the skills and motivation to become good citizens, parents, employees and leaders.