Spratton CE Primary School

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Curriculum - PE and Sport


Spratton Sports Partnership with Pacesetters


Pacesetters deliver PE sessions in our school every week. They also offer a pre-school Gymnastics Club and an after-school Multisports Club.  
We are passionate about promoting wellbeing and equipping people of all ages with tools and techniques to build emotional resilience.
PE Curriculum

We recognise the importance of providing all children with a broad and balanced curriculum which is engaging and encompasses all aspects of our vision and values.

The PE curriculum incorporates the frame work of the National curriculum 2014 including a wide range of sports and activities to ensure a balanced education, access to a variety of different sports, games and physical activities and increase overall activity levels. We are passionate about promoting wellbeing and equipping people of all ages with strategies and techniques to build emotional resilience and use physical activity for wellbeing. 

PE at Spratton is taught by a mixture of children’s class teachers, specialist PE coaches and when possible, qualified coaches from local sports clubs to build links with these clubs and encourage children to take part in sports outside of school.

Pacesetters Clubs

We like to provide as many different opportunities as possible for children to be active in different ways. Pacesetters offer two clubs on Mondays: Gymnastics before school and Multi-sports after school. Parents/Carers can book online or by phone.

These subsidised sessions are great value for money and places are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.


The Pacesetter Games
The Pacesetter Games is an inter-school competition, allowing children to compete in a variety of sports including football, dodgeball, tag rugby, athletics and cricket.



We’re excited to say that the following Pacesetter games competitions are taking place for Spratton Primary this year, allowing as many children across the school access to sporting competitions as possible


17th October      year 3 and 4 dodgeball

7th November    5 and 6 dodgeball

12th December  3 and 4 winter Olympics

30th January       years 1 to 3 “the cube”

13th March         reception multiskills

5th May               reception multiskills

12th May             1 and 2 athletics


The Cube 30th Jan:

On the 30th two teams from year 1 and 2 travelled to Benham sports to compete in the "cube". 

Competing against 6 other teams the spratton "lions" finished 5th and the "tigers" finished 3rd in a variety of events that required the children to utilise their brains to complete the events and earn points. The children competed excellently cracking codes and working as a team.


Reception multiskills 13th March:

On the 13th of march the entire reception class travelled to Benham sports to  compete in a reception multiskills event utlising their throwing, aiming, running and motor skills. The Spratton team came first in this winning the trophy that's now displayed within the school

Pacesetters and PE/Sports News

Play leader training:

We're excited to announce that pacesetters will be providing play leader training to all of our Year 4 and 5 children on the 3rd of Feb enabling them to organise and run fun playground games at breaks and lunchtimes for all of our pupils.


Chance to shine cricket:

On the 22nd of March Chance to shine will be visiting Spratton primary school to promote cricket and local clubs.




All of our children will access an hour long fun cricket session aiming to boost fitness and cricket engagement, run by a level 2 chance to shine cricket coach.