Spratton CE Primary School

'Living and learning together, celebrating life in all its fullness' John 10:10

LKS2 Class 2022-2023

Welcome to the Meerkats Class!

Mrs Miller teaches us Monday - Thursday and Mrs Isherwood on Fridays.

Miss Merrett supports us with our learning in class.  

Please see below for updates on termly curriculum overviews, our termly newsletter including home learning, reminders. multiplication check resources and Yr3&4 spelling list. 

Trip to Pizza Express January 2022

Please take a look at the slideshow below documenting our trip to Pizza Express, which was our introduction/ hook to this term's learning - European study of Italy, DT project pizza making and Science Nutrition. 

We all had great fun learning about where pizzas originated from, how Pizza Express was started, playing around with the dough, talking about the ingredients and the best part making them! The coach smelt delicious on the way home and made us all feel hungry. The children (and Miss Merrett) couldn't wait to eat them back at school!  

Well Done to all the children who represented our school very well, showing respect and being safe. 

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Welcome Back!

We look forward to welcoming you all back into school.

A few reminders for the start of term. More information to follow.

Mrs Miller will be teaching Monday - Thursday and Mrs Isherwood on Fridays. Miss Merrett supports us in class Monday- Thursday mornings

PE days are Tuesday and Wednesdays. Tuesday afternoon will be swimming for the first half term, please ensure your child brings their full kit in. If you need a swimming hat please contact the office. No earrings. Any questions please contact Mrs Miller asap. 

Wednesday will be with our Pacesetter Coach, Mr Johns. 

Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school every day. 


Homework reminder - summer Term 2

Reading - It is expected that children read at least 5 times a week at home, This can be their reading level book or reading for pleasure book. Children will be entered into the Reading challenge if 5 times is recorded in their reading record. 

Mathletics homework is set weekly. Tasks are set in line with teaching at school to practice the skills learned during the week. In addition some revision topic tasks are being set to consolidate skills. 

Century Tech

English - Grammar skills and Reading Comprehension can be accessed on Century Tech. In addition Maths and Multiplication can also be accessed on Century Tech

.Purple Mash - This platform has many tasks for children to access across all subjects. '2Do' Tasks for computing are often set for children to access at home. There are many activities   linked to Maths, Multiplication and English. 

All platforms are checked weekly for engagement and this is recognised weekly in Celebration Assembly. 


Sports News!

Well done to our two Athletic teams who competed in the Pacesetters Y3/4 Athletic competition, with one team bringing back the winning trophy and the other team finishing third! 


“On the 27th May two teams from Spratton entered the year ¾ athletics pacesetter games competition against 4 other schools, competing in a range of events including Javelin, Shotput and long jump. A massive well done to all of the children who took part, the Spratton Mo’s coming in joint third and a huge congratulations to the Spratton Bolt’s who came first bringing medals and a trophy back to the school.

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Homework Expectations in LKS2.

Mathletics is set on Mathletics each week in line with the learning from our lessons in school each week for the children to practise the skills independently at home.

Reading - Read at home a minimum 5 times a week to enter the Reading challenge raffle. House points are also awarded weekly.

Century Tech for English Grammar, times-tables and extra Maths and reading practice.

All homework access is monitored weekly  and engagement recognised in celebration assembly each week. 

Reminders for this term: 

Please ensure your child has a coat and jumper or cardigan in school every day. Our weather is very unpredictable! 

Please ensure all Jumpers and cardigans are named so they can located and reunited back to their rightful owners. 

Reading books and records need to be in school daily.

PE days are Monday and Thursdays. Please make sure earrings are taken out, long hair tied back and appropriate clothing for outdoor and indoors. 

Water bottles are required to be brought in daily - Water only please and a healthy snack can be brought in for morning break


Easter Homework

Please continue to read everyday. Visit Mathletics to reinforce our learning on Fractions this term. If you have completed set tasks use the Explore function and revisit concepts we have already learned in school over the year. Century Tech provides nuggets that follow your child's own pathway to practice Grammar skills, reading comprehension, Maths and Times-tables. Engagement with homework is monitored each week.

Year 4 need to be practising times-tables every day at home to become fluent in preparation for the  multiplication check in June. Please use Century Tech nuggets and Purple Mash to help support you with this (write multiplication in the search bar in Purple Mash and lots of activities will appear). There are also links to further practice sites in the Multiplication Check section further down the page such as Maths Frame which mimics the test format.  

30.3.22 - Easter Experience in Church 

It was lovely to be able to once again be in Church. The children joined in a whole school service before staying for a morning of 'Easter Story' experiences. The children all demonstrated many of our school values during the visit and were awarded a Golden pebble each on return to school and reflected on the experience further.  






21.3.22/ 28.3.22 - Visit to the Northampton Records Office 

As an introduction to our School history project planned for next term LKS2 visited the Northampton Records Office. The children learned about what it means to be 'Time Detectives' delving into the archives and discovering some of the history logs and registers from our school in 1819. The archivist took a lot of time to explain to the children and show them why it is important to save and protect documents and artifacts, how they are stored and clues that we can look for when we are thinking about the chronological age and sequence. The children thought about how people in the past communicated with each other looking at evidence dating back to King Henry VIII. They found clues in photographs, articles, posters, journal entries, census returns and registers, and used what they had found out to
learn about chronological sequences and order items into a timeline. The strong room visit was an exciting (and very cold) experience and all children had the opportunity to move a huge ‘stack’ of records!




In Art this term we have been exploring cityscapes and learned about the artist Stephen Wiltshire.. We investigated use of straight lines with both pencil and paint to create buildings of different shapes and sizes before creating our own cityscape. 



Geography/ English

 In both Geography and English we have been studying the physical geography of London as part of our UK study. We looked at various genres of fiction and non-fiction including books, leaflets, websites and maps to decide what is the best way to present factual information. The children researched different aspects of London to create an information leaflet that included information on the Cities and Boroughs, the People, the origins of London, Transport, Parks and Open Spaces. 



Multiplication check resources

As you aware in June, Year 4 will be required to complete the governments Multiplication Tables Check in which children will have to know their times-tables 'by heart' and have only 6 seconds to answer 25 questions. 

I have put together some useful website links for you to access at home to help your child practice. It is expected that children practice at home dailyTest your child in the car or at the dinner table. 

MTC - Multiplication Tables Check - URBrainy.com

Hit the Button - Quick fire maths practise for 6-11 year olds (topmarks.co.uk)

Multiplication and Division - Mathsframe

Learning through songs can be helpful too:  

Times tables collection - BBC Teach 

Learning is fun with Todd and Ziggy on YouTube 

Purple Mash also have monster multiplication games and multiplication check activities - log ins were sent home at the end of last term 

Century Tech - the initial diagnostic test will lead the children through the times-tables. 

  3.3.22 - World Book Day 

The children brought in their favourite books from home and shared with the class why they had chosen the books. 


During the day we took part in a BBC Teach live session and watched a clip of Michael Morpurgo telling us about how he writes stories and where his ideas come from, before designing our own book covers, blurbs and ideas for a farmyard animal story.  We also listened too many different stories throughout the day from Wind in the Willow audiobook, Roald Dahl's James and The Giant Peach and a selection of Mrs Miller's books from when she was a little girl. 




We have been developing our key shape skills and safe landing skills so far this term in PE





We finished the term off with our DT project - using pneumatics to create a moving monster mouth. This definitely required 'perseverance' - our value for this month - as we discovered that in DT 'if at first you don't succeed, try and try again'. 

The design stage



The Creating stage:


The End product: 



Science and Geography

We have enjoyed learning about the Water cycle this term, linked to both states of matter in Science and Rivers in Geography, Ask us about our water cycle investigation and the new vocabulary we have learned to describe the process.




We had fun with measurement this week putting into practice our knowledge of units of measurement, using the metre sticks and trundle wheels to measure objects and areas outside. 






In English this term we have written our own 'The River' poems inspired by Valerie Bloom's 'The River' poem. 




To finish our States of matter unit we investigated how an ice cube melts within different conditions.


Reminders for this term: 

Please ensure your child has a warm coat in school every day. 

Reading books and records need to be in school daily.

PE days are Monday and Thursdays. Please make sure earrings are taken out, long hair tied back and appropriate clothing for outdoor and indoors.

Homework: Maths is set on Mathletics each week in line with the learning from our lessons in school; Reading - 5 times a week; Century Tech for English Grammar, times-tables and extra Maths and reading practice. All homework access is monitored weekly. 

Water bottles are required to be brought in daily - Water only please and a healthy snack can be brought in for morning break. 


In Science we explored how particles in a liquid, gas and solid move as they change their state from one to another. 


       running freely as gas particles             holding each other tight like particles in a solid 


              linking arms to join together but still be able to move around and

                             in and out each other like liquid particles . 

 We have enjoyed our first two lessons of dance so far this term.





We are Geographers...using a map to locate Rivers of the World, learning how to use a map key, index and grid reference to find the rivers. Ask us what Rivers we can name and which continent or country they are in. 




December in LKS2

What busy elves we have been this month!

We had a fantastic Re Art day on Monday, painting some beautiful Nativity pictures, which we hope you have seen hanging outside of the school.

We also enjoyed making some doves which we placed on the school Christmas tree. 

The children enjoyed making their Christingles and sang beautifully during our class service with Reverend Alison.



To finish our Science this term we created a simple circuit to make Rudolph's nose glow. This proved to be tricky in parts but hopefully the majority are still working. 

In English we explored features of a newspaper report, and enjoyed reading the 'First News' newspapers, before writing our own account of Howard Carter finding Tutankhamun's tomb that finished off our Ancient Egyptian topic


The Christmas lunch was enjoyed by all with the added excitement of Christmas crackers! 


And finally, we hope you have watched the school Christmas film, the children did themselves proud and again with some fantastic singing. It turns out LKS2 like a good sing-a-long with the various renditions they have been singing over the last few days. 

                                     LKS2 wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 



November in LKS2

Let their be light... and sound...and movement!

In Science this term we have been studying electricity. We have been investigating how to make simple electrical circuits that include a light bulb, a buzzer and/or a motor and even a switch to turn them on or off. For the future electricians in the class we also learned about the symbols that represent the different components of an electrical circuit and drew out the circuits that we had created. 


.Art - Photography

We had a great opportunity to use a professional camera to take photos of our environment for a very exciting project. Here are a few photos of some of the children taking photos...


History - Who were the Egyptian Gods?

We enjoyed researching Egyptian Gods using the clues posted around the classroom. 



Outdoor Classroom Day

LKS2 have spent lots of time learning outside today for Outdoor Classroom Day.

In PE we really enjoyed our first Tag Rugby session, learning how to work as a team and some new agility skills. 

We also took our Maths lesson outside to practise adding and subtracting 3-digit and 4-digit numbers, jumping along the number line to work out where we land and find our answer! 




NMPAT Wellbeing through Music 

We enjoyed our first NMPAT Wellbeing through Music session today and are looking forward to the next 4 weeks of sessions. We put deep breathing in our tool box. thought about how our bodies moved to music, how we calm our bodies after movement and learned new songs. We especially enjoyed moving to the drum beat and singing 'Aboard the ship called Friend'. 



September in LKS2

We have been very busy in LKS2 so far this term with lots of fun learning happening! 


We have been learning about the digestive system in Science this term. We made a model that replicated the digestive system following the journey of a cracker and a banana.

We used a plastic bag (stomach), water (saliva), orange juice (stomach acid), a pair of tights (small/ large intestine) and our hands to move the food through. It showed how the body absorbs the nutrients we need in our body leaving the waste the exit the body at the end, Lots of scientific vocabulary learned along the way naming the different organs, the jobs they do and the processes of the system.  





In Art we are studying the Human Form. We have drawn a self portrait using a black and white photo to form half of the face and focused on shading with pencil to draw the other half.

We had great fun creating the alphabet using our bodies. We discussed that Art can be created in lots of different ways not just drawing or painting on paper. Here are a few of our alphabet bodies. 


We have started learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We began with creating a large chronological timeline of different eras of our time, from the dinosaurs through to the current time so we could understand when and how long ago the Ancient Egyptians lived. We have discovered where Egypt is on the world map and thought about how important the River Nile has been to the Egyptians over the years. 

Some of us have also been reading about the Egyptians in our Guided Reading sessions. We will all be great Egyptologists by the end! 

Lots more on the Egyptians to follow over the coming weeks...


We have been enjoying learning skills in our football lessons. We are developing lots of defending skills including dribbling and passing and learning to play as a team.