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Simon and Rosie is a story set in the current context of COVID-19. It is a tale of friendship, loneliness, imagination and self-acceptance. Its setting is commonplace – the park near your home – yet what happens is magical. It was written by Watership Down author Richard Adams’ granddaughter Lucy Moonen, and illustrator Gillian Johnson, who has published over 35 books for children and adults.

We want to create a comfortable space for young children and their adults to explore their feelings at a challenging time. We hope that by gently reflecting the circumstances our young children are experiencing we will help them to feel more at ease in the world.

The download is free of charge, and we hope that you, your children and your friends will love it – please do share it widely if you have enjoyed reading it. We ask that, if at all possible, you please make a small donation (we suggest £1) to NHS Charities Together




Daventry 0-19 Integrated Universal Children's Service

The 0-19 Team continue to provide support and advice for children/families.    

Please send emails to this email address and a member of the team will be in contact:  daventry.nhft@nhs.net


See below for information from Sleep Right Northampton - support for families with sleep issues with their children.   

Free School Meals   

Home Educated children confirmed as previously being eligible for Free School Meals can get these by calling NCC's Customer Service Centre on 0300 126 1000.   



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We have launched Blue Peter on YouTube at CBBC and we were wondering if pupils and parents would be interested in this, for entertainment outside of home-schooling hours now we’re in lockdown.

 Blue Peter is the longest running kids TV show in the world and we are uploading videos to it that are suitable for 5-11 year olds. We have world record breaking challenges, arts and crafts, environmental videos, cooking and baking how tos, inspirational films, gaming, celebrity appearances, dance routines and music performances. We also feature ways of getting a Blue Peter badge, behind the scenes footage and extra content about our incredible presenters Adam, Lindsey, Mwaksy, Richie and Henry the Blue Peter dog.

 If you are interested in this, please subscribe to https://www.youtube.com/bluepeter - (it’s obviously completely free to subscribe!) and don’t forget to watch the live programme on CBBC at 5.00pm every week, or on BBC iPlayer.

 Thanks so much for your time,

The Blue Peter Team!

Dave Coulson, Producer/ Director,

YouTube Team, Blue Peter, CBBC,



Letter to Parents and Carers from the Director of Public Health Northamptonshire



Letter to Parents and Carers from the Director of Public Health Northamptonshire



Government Guidance /Public Health England 

The Little Book of Hopes

Same and Different

A storybook for Spratton families to talk about the changes in school in June 2020.

Video: While we can't hug

Book: Julia Donaldson Coronavirus Storybook

Book: How NOT to go to school

Here is a book families may wish to share* whilst we are not at school...

(*Grown ups - please read it first to check suitability for all ages in your family!)

From the Author

3 weeks ago, I wrote a little story to help the kids in my primary class deal with school shutdown.

Since then, it's been read thousands of times around the world. Now I've teamed up with an incredible illustrator (Rebecca Sampson) to create this beautiful story book.


Download it for free at



Please share so as many families as possible can make use of this resource.


P.S. thank you to all the kind people who are keen to pay for the book. If you'd like to contribute something, please donate to NHS charities via the link on the website.