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'Living and learning together, celebrating life in all its fullness' John 10:10

ExpertEd and ConnectEd





We are delighted to offer children in Years 5 and 6 the opportunity to take part in a special after school club again this term.

The club is part of an exciting national club, which gives children the opportunity to find out about some nationally acclaimed people in a range of different areas of expertise. The children also have a go at some fun and engaging practical activities, linked to the themes of the sessions.


This term we are learning about Settlements of the past, present and future and the people who discover, learn about and develop them.


Club takes place on Thursday 3.15-4.15 and is open to new members.



In club this week we were exploring ancient cities and took a virtual tour of Ancient Greece online


Which inspired some fantastic art:



We met archaeologist Conor Trainor and found out all about exploring ancient and 'lost' cities.


To Space, and Beyond!

UKS2 had an amazing opportunity through ExpertEd to join a LIVE Q&A zoom with Helen Patricia Sharman, CMG, OBE, HonFRSC is a British chemist and astronaut who became the first British person, first Western European woman and first privately funded woman in space, as well as the first woman to visit the Mir space station, in May 1991.

Helen explained about how very nearly didn’t apply for the chance to become an astronaut because she didn’t think she would be chosen and she thought her friends might laugh at her! She says she is now very grateful that she wasn’t put off applying as the experience changed the whole course of her life!

She answered lots of questions about her time in space, including how she worked as a scientist conducting experiments, ate, slept and went to the toilet! She described the feeling of weightlessness as the most calm and relaxed she had ever felt and enjoyed somersaulting all the way through breakfast one day ‘because she could!’



 Helen's message to the children was, 'What I look like is not as important as what I say and do.'


December 2021

ConnectEd - Biscuits!

The children have been learning about material science. Following a zoom call with Dr Becky Waldram, the children were tasked with carrying out a strength test on different types of biscuit. The children had to apply their scientific knowledge to carry out a fair test, construct their own ‘rigs’, measure the force exerted in Newtons and calculate averages! Oh, and they got to eat some of their favourite biscuits too!


November 2021

Biomimicry and Bioinspiration

The children at ConnectEd club have been exploring biomimicry and copying patterns and designs from nature.


They used this experience to design their own building using ‘bioinspiration.’


October 2021

ExpertEd - Professor Lord Robert Winston 

Children in UKS2 had the exciting opportunity to meet a very famous and accomplished scientist on an Expert-Ed webinar this week. Professor Lord Robert Winston


impressed us all with his continuing enthusiasm for being the very best you can be at 81 years old! He answered several questions posed by children here at Spratton during the interview and encouraged us all to keep asking questions and finding out more about the world around us.

September 2021

ConnectEd -Club

Non-Newtonian Fluids

We found out all about the work of Dr Sarah-Jane Potts, a Research Engineer for Specific IKC in Swansea University. Sarah-Jane is working on increasing the size of printed electronics such as printable solar cells! Her vision is to transform the world of energy by creating ‘Active Buildings' that can generate, store and release more solar energy than they consume.

We had a go at making a non-Newtonian fluid. Using cornflour and water, we made ‘shear-thickening’ fluid. When we rolled it in our hands it made a sold-feeling ball, but when we stopped moving it, it changed back into liquid form.

We then joined a live webinar with Dr Potts, and were delighted when she answered a question from us here at Spratton.

Q: Who helped you to become the successful engineer you are today?

A: My school maths teacher. I dedicated my doctorate paper to him. I wasn’t very good at maths and you need maths in engineering. He helped me to understand it!

Screen Printing

In Connect-Ed club, we had a go at screen-printing. Using a mesh frame, the ink was transferred onto the paper, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. The children had fantastic results and great fun too!




We are delighted to offer children in Years 5 and 6 the opportunity to take part in a special after school club, called ConnectEd, which is part of an exciting national organisation, called ExpertEd. The programme gives children the opportunity to find out about some nationally acclaimed people in a range of different areas of expertise and attend Connect-Ed LIVE online sessions, meeting these experts and posing questions about their work. The children will also have a go at some fun and engaging practical activities, linked to the themes of the Connect-Ed LIVE sessions.

The areas covered by the Expert-Ed programme are:

Miss O’Mara is a member of the national steering group for this project, which is led and supported by Patron Professor Lord Robert Winston and sponsored by Imperial College London and Swansea University.


Patron Professor Lord Winston said:

‘Expert-Ed is a wonderful opportunity to bring expertise into our classrooms to inspire young people. You all have much more potential than you have ever dreamed of and I hope your Expert-Ed experiences raise your aspirations to become the next generation of experts!’

Bloodhound Supersonic Car 


UKS2 were extremely fortunate to have a live meeting online with Dr Ben Evans, who is part of the engineering design team for the Bloodhound Supersonic Car. The Bloodhound is half racecar and half spaceship, and the team are hoping it will eventually be the world's fastest car.

Dr Evans was talking to us via live stream from Swansea University where he was sat in front of the £1.2m wind tunnel! He was very inspiring and told us that engineering is all about solving problems, making things and then making them better and improving the world for everyone.  

He gave us an insight into the role computers play in engineering and what motivates the team to 'push the boundaries' and develop designs to be better and better. 

In the Q&A session, our children asked some great questions including:

‘How proud are you of the Bloodhound project on a scale of 1-10?’ 



'What has been your favourite part of designing Bloodhound?' 

(Answer= seeing it actually work in the desert in South Africa, having told the team that it would all work safely and be fine, I had a little worry at the back of my mind that everyone's hopes were on the first test run. Thankfully, it worked! We were all very relieved!')