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11.6.2021 - What a week we have had in LKS2!

 I think it is fair to say that LKS2 have hit the ground (and the air!) running in the first week back after the holidays.

The children have been fascinated by the eclipse, learnt about empathy, sent birthday cards to HRH Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her official 95th birthday and seen their classroom transformed into Spratton International Airport!

Next week we will venture off in our sky ship to South Polaris (be assured it remains firmly on the green list!) for a new adventure!


26.2.2021 - Timetable and resources for today

 English 14.1 rules worksheet.docxDownload
 Friday 26.02.21 Timetables Y3 Feb 2021 (1).docxDownload
 NewFriday 26.02.21 Timetables Y4 Feb 2021 (1).docxDownload
 Pompeii Text 26.2.21.docxDownload
 Y3-26.2.2021 Maths.pdfDownload
 Y4-Maths 26.2.2021.pdfDownload
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25.2.2021 - Timetable and resources for today

 25.2.2021 word bank -Escape from Pompeii.docxDownload
 Text 25.2.2021 Escape from Pompeii (1).docxDownload
 Y3- 25.1.2021-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Thurs 25.02.21 Timetables Y3 Feb 2021.docxDownload
 Year 4 Thurs 25.02.21 Timetables Feb 2021.docxDownload
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 Italy fact find sheet .pdfDownload
 Italy PowePoint Geography.pptDownload
 MATHS YEAR 3 04.02.21.pdfDownload
 MATHS YEAR 4 04.02.21.pdfDownload
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 Timetable Year 4 2 2021.docxDownload
 Timetable Year 3 4 2 2021.docxDownload
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 3 2 2021 Timetable Year 3.docxDownload
 3 2 2021 Timetable Year 4.docxDownload
 MATHS YEAR 3 03.02.21.pdfDownload
 MATHS YEAR 4 03.02.21.pdfDownload
 MATHS YEAR 4 03.02.21.pptxDownload
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Apologies, please see below a revision to the PHSCE timetable today.  

Please use the new link.   

Thank you.

Topic PSHE 

Eat well, live well. 


You are perfect! Did you know that? Well, if you didn’t, this lesson will remind you and show you that you are perfect just the way you are!  


To begin the lesson, we will really break down what the term ‘images in the media’ means and then visit a photographer who will show us how photos are edited and explain why companies use photo shopped pictures to sell their product.  


We will finish the lesson by creating an uplifting postcard which we can give to someone we know and put a smile on their face! 

Watch the video. 


Pause when required. 


Create your own uplifting postcard.  


Check your knowledge by completing the quiz. 

 MATHS YEAR 3 02.02.21.pdfDownload
 MATHS YEAR 4 02.02.21.pdfDownload
 MATHS YEAR 4 02.02.21.pptxDownload
 Tuesday 2.2.2021 Year 3 docx.docxDownload
 Tuesday 2.2.2021 Year 4.docxDownload
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 1.2.2021 SPAG Worksheet.docxDownload
 Timetable Monday 1.2.2021 Year 3 NL.docxDownload
 Timetable Monday 1.2.2021 Year 4 NL.docxDownload
 Year3 and 4 Maths Investigation Double Scoops.pdfDownload
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29.1.2021 - Timetables

 Timetable Friday 29.1.2021 Year 4 NEWA.docxDownload
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29.1.2021 - Resources for today's work

 29.1.2021 LKS2 PHSCE Fingerspelling activity.pdfDownload
 29.1.2021Old Man and the Sea Boxing up Innovation planning.docxDownload
 Maths Year 3 29.01.21.pdfDownload
 Maths Year 4 29.01.21.pdfDownload
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28.1.2021 - Timetables

 Timetable Thursday 28.1.2021 Year 3 NEW.docxDownload
 Timetable Thursday 28.1.2021 Year 4 NEW.docxDownload
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28.1.2021 - Resources for today's work

 28.1.2021 - Old man of the Sea - modelled example.docxDownload
 28.1.2021 - Y3-Maths-Multiply-by-4.pdfDownload
 28.1.2021 The Sea poem example.docxDownload
 28.1.2021-Maths- Year 4-Multiply-and-divide-by-6.pdfDownload
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27.1.2021 - Timetables

 Timetable Wednesday 27.1.2021 Year 3 NEW (4).docxDownload
 Timetable Wednesday 27.1.2021 Year 4.docxDownload
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27.1.2021 - LKS2 - Resources for today's work.

 27.1.2021 - English using speech rules worksheet.docxDownload
 27.1.2021 - Maths -The-3-times-table.pdfDownload
 27.1.2021 - Old man of the Sea - modelled example.docxDownload
 27.1.2021 - SPAG challenge.docxDownload
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26.1.2021 - Timetables 

 Timetable Tuesday 26.1.2021 Year 3 NEW.docxDownload
 Timetable Tuesday 26.1.2021 Year 4 New.docxDownload
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26.1.2021 - LKS2. Resources for today's work

 26.1.2021 - Maths Year 4 -Divide-by-3.pdfDownload
 26.1.2021 - Maths Year 4 -Multiply-by-3.pdfDownload
 26.1.2021 - Old man of the Sea - modelled example - NEW.docxDownload
 26.1.2021 - Year 3 worksheet -Multiply-by-3-2019.pdfDownload
 26.1.2021 ZenTen activity-Bookmarks.pdfDownload
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25.1.2021 - LKS2. Resources for today's work

 25.1.2021 - Old man of the Sea - modelled example - 2.docxDownload
 25.1.221 Old Man of the Sea modelled example 1.docxDownload
 Maths 25.1.2021 Dividing by 10.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Maths - extra challenges 1.pptxDownload
 Year 4 Maths - extra challenges 2.pptxDownload
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22.1.2021 - LKS2. Resources for today's work

 Friday 22.1.2021- Old Man of the Sea text.docxDownload
 Maths 22.1.2021-Divide-by-5.pdfDownload
 Old Man of the Sea modelled example 22.01.21.docxDownload
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 Maths 21.1.2021-Divide-by-2-2019.pdfDownload
 The Old Man and the Sea synonyms antonyms.docxDownload
 Timetable Thurs 21.1.2021 Year 3.NEW.docxDownload
 Timetable Thurs 21.1.2021 Year 4.New.docxDownload
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 Please see the attached timetables and lesson resources for 20.01.21

 English Text Worksheet 1.docxDownload
 Maths- 20.1.21 Make-equal-groups-grouping.pdfDownload
 Timetable Wed 20.1.2021 Year 3.docxDownload
 Timetable Wed 20.1.2021 Year 4.docxDownload
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LKS2 - 19.1.20210

Please see attached the timetables and resources for the lessons on 19.1.2021

 English 19.1.2021 worksheet1.docxDownload
 English 19.1.2021 worksheet2.docxDownload
 Maths 19.1.2021-Make-equal-groups-sharing-2019.pdfDownload
 Timetable Tues 19.1.2021 Year 3.docxDownload
 Timetable Tues 19.1.2021 Year 4.docxDownload
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LKS2 - 18.1.2021

Please see the attached resources for lessons scheduled for the 18.1.2021.

 English 18.1.2021 what I know worksheet1.docxDownload
 English 18.1.2021 what I wonder worksheet2.docxDownload
 iCloud4G (1).movDownload
 Maths -18.1.2021 - 5 times-table worksheet.pdfDownload
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LKS2 - 15.1.2021

Please see the timetable below for 15.1.2021

 Timetable Fri 15.1.2021 Year 3.docxDownload
 Timetable Fri.15.1.2021 Year 4.docxDownload
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LKS2 – 15.1.2021 Worksheets:

Please see the attached worksheets that should be used for English and  Maths on Friday 15th January 2021


 English 15.1 rules worksheet.docxDownload
 Maths 15.1. 2times-table-2019.pdfDownload
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 Timetable Thurs 14.1.2021 Year 3.pdfDownload
 Timetable Thurs.14.1.2021 Year 4.pdfDownload
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LKS2 – 14.1.2021 Worksheets:

Please see the attached worksheets that should be used for English, Maths and Science on Thursday 14th January 2021.


 English 14.1 rules worksheet.docxDownload
 Maths - Arrays.pdfDownload
 Science worksheet 14.1.docxDownload
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LKS2 – 13.1.2021 Worksheets:

Please see the attached worksheets that should be used for English and Maths on the Wednesday 13th January 2021.


 English what I know 1.docxDownload
 ENGLISH what I know 2 (1).docxDownload
 Maths - Equal groups.pdfDownload
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LKS2 - 12.1.2021 English lesson.

Please see below the video relating to our story, Leon and Bob.

Video: https://youtu.be/M2TniloDMM4

 Timetable 12.1.2021 Year 3 V2.pdfDownload
 Timetable 12.1.2021 Year 4 V3.pdfDownload
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 LKS2 Daily Timetable 11 01 2021 Year 3.pdfDownload
 LKS2 Daily Timetable 11 01 2021 Year 4 .pdfDownload
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8.1.2021 Link for Year 4 Character Description Video.

Good Morning please see a revised link for the Year 4 English activity this morning:



 Timetable 8.1.2021 Year 4.pdfDownload
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 Timetable 8.1.2021 Year 3.pdfDownload
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Topic work for today - directions as to how to find it online.

Good afternoon everyone. I apologise as I understand that the directions provided detailing how to access the topic work video for this afternoon is not working. I have just revisited the site and am able to confirm that the following path will get you to where you need to be:


Firstly use you browser to open BBC Bitesize
Select Primary 
Select England KS2
From the topics detailed select PHSE and Citizenship
Select the sub-topic healthy eating
Click on the 10 class clips
scroll down to select healthy eating.



Maths Lessons for Years 3 and 4 




Phonics lessons for practice



Maths, English, Science, History and Geography Lessons 



Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, RE, PHSCE and Music Lessons




We have been learning about The Stone Age. We have created cave paintings and Stone Age jewellery.


LKS2 have had a very busy, but rewarding week at school. This term we are learning about the United Kingdom, it's countries, counties, boroughs and our locality. The children enjoyed trying to find cities and towns on our map and begin to recognise where Northampton is in relation to these places.

Student council elections took place on Thursday, I was very impressed with all of the candidates, they had considered their manifestos carefully and I would like to congratulate those who were successful, I look forward to working with you this year to achieve great things.

We concluded our week with Roald Day Day, a celebration of an author and screenplay writer who has influenced so many lives and continues to delight us all. The children enjoyed learning about the authors life and works and reading Fantastic Mr Fox beside the woods in our new Story Circle was a complete delight.



Our first full week back in school got off to a great start. Congratulations to our star of the week and the winners of the tidiest desk award.

We were thrilled to receive some gifts including a fabulous new clock that will help us to tell the time, an LED candle for morning worship and a lava lamp to support our meditation time. 

The children enjoyed refreshing their memory regarding telling the time, they played a matching game where they matched the clock face to the words, challenged one another to tell the time and then challenged the class with some tricky times. Feel free to test them at home!


It has been a complete delight to welcome back the children to school this week, their enthusiasm, confidence and positive mental attitude has been inspirational and a credit to both them and you all.

We have used our first short week to focus on well-being, the children have been taught new techniques to support relaxation, Zen Tangling is now a firm favourite along with mindfulness colouring and listening to calming music.

I asked the children to draw both a picture of their new teacher and a self portrait - I am happy to say that they were very kind to me! I have included some examples below.

We have also enjoyed devising new games to play outside and even enjoyed a maths lesson about shapes on the field, they enjoyed this activity enormously as you will see from the pictures.

It has been an exciting week, I am delighted that the children have settled back into the "new normal" routine so well and there is definitely a buzz in the classroom.